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"Hi I have received this order thank you very much, the items look and feel great but unfortunately I have ordered the wrong size, is there any way I could exchange them for another size. Order No: 140810-1301113825 Regards Daniel|||HI, Daniel . to return it will spend to much time and cost much shipping fee.and even it will be lost. here is the good solution , we would like to give you 20% discount on you order to get the right size one. Best regards"

Daniel Sarin

"Dear Sir, Madam, I would like to know how is going my purchase number 140902-2214082165. I cannot track it. Many thanks, |||Hi, friend .the tracking number is 9142455055.your parcel is on the way to france. BR"

Pierre-Olivier CHOTARD

"Can i pay this with my Rabobank master card. how can i do that. Regard. Leonard |||hi friend , i am sorry to tell you that you cant pay with Master card.only visa card is supported ."

"Hi, I try to pay with Visa card and it says payment denied 7, can I pay with PayPal ,because I think it would be better. Please in form how to do it. Thanks|||hi ,friend , could you tell me your paypal account ? thern we will send the invoice to finish the payment Best Regards "


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